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Flu season is here – now available to book online for eligible adults

The Maltings Surgery kindly encourages eligible patients to attend for your flu vaccination at the Surgery as opposed to using alternative private and pharmacy providers. Your flu vaccination has already been ordered for you, appointments are available to book online via Patient Access or by contacting the surgery on 01727 855500. Flu clinics will be on designated Saturday mornings or your flu vaccination can be given at any appointment you have at the surgery during the flu season. Having your flu vaccination at the surgery allows us to keep an accurate record of your vaccination and health information, offer clinical support if required and ensure we can provide this service year after year.

You are eligible for a flu vaccination by injection if you are in one of the following categories

  • Adults over 65
  • Children (6 months to 2 years) and adults (<64 ) with an underlying health condition particularly long term heart or respiratory disease, diabetes, immunosuppressed
  • Pregnant women
  • Carers
  • Patients living in a care home
  • Patients with a learning disability
  • BMI >40

You are eligible for a flu vaccination by nasal spray if you are in one of the following categories

  • All children aged 2 or 3
  • Children (10 years to 18 years) with an underlying health condition particuarly long term heart or respiratory disease, diabetes, immunosuppressed, learning disability.
  • Children aged 4-9 in Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 will receive the nasal spray vaccination at school.

Dr Michael Smith, New GP Partner – Find out more

Mike joins as a GP Partner at the Maltings, who has significant experience in the NHS. From a clinical perspective he has worked in the NHS for nearly 20 years, with half of these as a GP (having previously trained as a plastic surgeon). Although he has a wide range of interests, his personal ones include Musculoskeletal medicine, Men’s Health and Skin lesions.

A national GP expert within the NHS and international health systems. Respected by his peers and his patients, he has a strong history of delivering integrated care systems from hospital to the community.

He led the design and delivery of three award winning GP led urgent care centres, significantly reducing the pressure on the emergency departments, and enabling local practices to more appropriately deal with their unscheduled workload. This involved the development of data sharing agreements, shared governance and shared clinical pathways which are still running nearly a decade later.

As a founding member and the Chief Executive of Haverstock Healthcare (one of the
country’s first GP Federations), he was able to grow an award-winning Federation of 36 GP
practices into a large provider of primary care services, CQC registered and employing nearly 200 people.

He led the design and delivery of an award-winning Primary Care diabetes integrated
practice unit, an integrated out of hospital team from seven providers (including 2 acute
trusts, 2 community trusts), which had a significant reduction in diabetes related
complications within 12 months of implementation.

Mike has been contracted in the past to run and lead the quality improvement of several
local practices. Turning around their finances, solving staffing crises, improving their CQC
ratings, relocating into new premises, building relationships with neighbouring providers
and building the list sizes to make the practice more sustainable (one practice the list size
grew from 1800 patients to 8,000 within 18 months).

He has implemented many changes around workforce, clinical demand and empowering the voluntary sector. He has led several high profile GP at scale projects including the formation of the Salford Primary Care Together (Vanguard project) and the Liverpool GP Federation.

As a former Director of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation trust, he worked within the
integrated care team as a clinical lead for several projects. These included; developing
the clinical strategy for the acquisition of the Barnet & Chase Farm NHS Trusts and the
development of integrated clinical pathways designed and delivered by over 150 clinicians
from 5 CCGS and three hospitals.

He is a senior educator for the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and the Royal
Society of Medicine (RSM).

He consults across the UK on how new models of care have to be wrapped around strong
primary care. He has provided expertise for over 25 GP Federations in England, helping
them understand and realising their role in improving the out of hospital environment
whilst trying to keep General Practice sustainable.
He has worked extensively in Primary Care in the North West, Wales and England, especially in the early stages (or the redefining) or a primary care collaborative and its shared vision and values, as well as the nuts and bolts of setting up a new service.

A humorous and engaging speaker, Mike chairs and speaks at many national events. He is
on the executive of the National Association of Primary Care and the Chair of the National
Association of Provider Organisations. You might even catch him on LBC radio as the phone in doctor on Health Hour.