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Announcing the Retirement of Dr Mark Allen, January 2020

I have been a Partner at the Maltings surgery since June 1991, working in the practice and the NHS through a time of great change.

I have enjoyed being a GP for our patients, but the time has come for me to leave the Maltings surgery and spend more time on other things.

I am a great supporter of the NHS principle, and it is clear to me that the NHS is underfunded to meet the expectations of today’s population.

If you wish to maintain or improve the service you receive from the NHS I strongly suggest you vote for a party which will increase the funding as a share of GDP.

It would also make a lot of sense to increase the share of the total budget that goes to Primary care.

The answer does not lie in further privatisation and fragmentation of services.

I wish all my patients well in the future, leaving you in the hands of a younger team.