Monthly Archives: January 2020

No longer posting prescriptions

As a practice we have been reviewing how we process our prescriptions. Having consulted the latest guidance and considered the safest options, the practice has decided that we will no longer be posting out paper prescriptions to patients.

All prescriptions can now be send electronically to any pharmacy, a much safer process, which avoids the risk of prescriptions being lost in the post.

If there are exceptional circumstances regarding a prescription, the practice will look at these cases individually.

Cancer Awareness

In 2020 many of our Maltings patients are living with Cancer. Many more are having investigations or are recovering from this illness.

  • Do you know the risk factors, causes, types and treatments?
  • Are you aware of the screening programmes available to you?

Please come and join us for an informative talk led by the Macmillan Practice Nurse Lead (Kathryn Cremins) on Wednesday 5th February at 7pm at the Maltings Surgery.