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About our Ethos

The Maltings Surgery is one of the largest practices in St Albans with approximately 18000 patients.  The team is proud to be serving the community from the heart of the town centre.

We aim to give you the best possible standard of medical care based on a relationship of mutual respect and dignity.

Good medical care is based on a partnership between the nurse or doctor and yourself as a patient of the practice.  Our main concern is you and your health, and by working together we can make sure that we do our best to understand and meet your needs.

Wherever possible we encourage ‘continuity of care’

We work to promote the benefits of continuity of care, and to ensure that your doctor knows you as an individual. There are benefits to you in being able to see the same GP for your appointments and to know that they are aware of you and your family’s situation. For this reason we encourage that your whole household is registered with us to allow us to co-ordinate your care where this is beneficial.

If you have ongoing health needs and wish to have continuity of care with one GP please request appointments with the GP of your choice and, excluding emergencies, we will endeavour to book you with the same GP.​

We aim to take your health concerns and feedback seriously

We realise that people come to the surgery and use our services because they have health needs.  All of our team will try to help you the best they can with whatever questions you may have.  This can range from directing you to the most appropriate service (e.g. the pharmacy, self-care, a further appointment or a call-back by phone) or by asking a doctor for his or her opinion later that day.  If you have any questions or feedback please do just ask or tell us.

Whole person care

We firmly believe that health care should be holistic and look at all aspects of an individual in order to truly improve his or her health, including social, emotional as well as physical.   At times, despite the best intentions, it won’t be possible to sort out several issues in one ten minute appointment, but in due course we would hope to address each problem fully.

We will always try to access the most appropriate service for you

This ‘access to services’ goes for what is available, based on need in the NHS – but also privately in the cases of services which are just not offered by the NHS.

Teaching and training

We have been training at this practice for many years and you will see trainee doctors, nurses and administrative staff undergoing supervised learning if you come to the surgery.  This is an essential part of general practice.  This learning is only made possible by the kind co-operation of our patients, as well as a system of annual appraisal and approved trainers within the practice.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please let us know.

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