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Our Allied Health Professionals

District Nursing Team

The District Nursing team provides home Nursing services to the elderly, housebound and those recently discharged from hospital. Referrals are made through consultations with your Doctor or Practice Nurse.

Health Visitor

The Health visitors are qualified nurses with further qualifications and experience to advise on child care. They are notified of all newborn babies and new patients under the age of five. Their telephone number is St Albans 0300 123 7572. They can be seen at the baby clinic or will see you at home.

Health visitors/district nurses and community nurses are not based at the Practice.

Community Midwife

The community midwives hold a regular antenatal clinic at the surgery. The midwives, together with your doctor, will give supervision, care and advice during your pregnancy, labour (in some cases) and postnatal period.