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Supporting Your Local Community

About 20% of GP’s time is spent trying to deal with non-medical matters. This increases their busy workload and leaves them less time to focus on the medical issues of patients.

Some (often quite vulnerable) people who visit the GP would really benefit from informal non-medical help to find the information and support they need to improve their wellbeing.

The (Just Ask) project equips volunteers to help people find that information and support. Working in a local community venue, our volunteers will have the training, resources and support they need to help people become more engaged with their community and improve their wellbeing.

We are now recruiting community-minded people who want to help people make a positive and measurable difference in their lives.

If you are a ‘people-person’ with some time to spare, we want to hear from you!

To volunteer for the project, or simply to find out more please contact:

The Maltings Surgery

email: [email protected]


St Albans Volunteer Centre

email: [email protected]