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The Practice is committed to improving the services for our patients. To do this it is vital that we hear from patients about their experiences, views and ideas for making services better. By being a member of the PPG you will receive news and important information about the practice and can express your views to develop the services.

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If you have not registered to be a member of our Online Patient Participation Group then we would welcome you to register now. All registered members are able to make comments in our online forums, complete surveys and view the analysis.

Message from the Chair of the Maltings PPG – Alan Bellinger

The Maltings Patient Participation Group (The PPG) exists to ensure that the Patients’ views on all matters relating to our health and well-being are fully represented to the Surgery.

This is a period in which the Health Service is undergoing major change, and, as a result of recent high profile issues that the service has been facing, the patients’ voice has never been more important.

So we, as patients, have a responsibility to make our views known! It takes very little of your time; please come to our next meeting.