Our aim at The Maltings is to ensure you have the right medicines, understand how to use them and obtain them in the safest, most efficient way.

Prescription only Medicines

There are many medicines that can only be obtained with a prescription. Your doctor will advise you if your medicine is to be on ‘repeat’ or if you need to be seen again for a new prescription.

Ordering Repeat Prescriptions

You can request repeat prescriptions at the surgery in the following ways;

  • Patient Access – you will need a login to use this service
  • Online Consult – Request Medication form
  • Write to – Prescription Requests, The Maltings Surgery, St Albans, Herts, AL1 3JB.
    This must include a signed copy of the right hand side of your prescription.
  • Drop the signed right hand side of your prescription into the box in Reception

Please always use the tear-off repeat list attached to your previous prescriptions, indicating which items are required. This must be signed by the patient. If you have electronic prescriptions, this must be the right hand side of the token which is given to you by your pharmacist. Please request your prescription in good time to avoid the inconvenience of a last minute rush and extra time around both annual holidays and bank holidays.

Collecting your Prescriptions

The prescription can be collected after three full working days and can be collected after 4.00pm.

  • Request Monday available after 4.00pm on Thursday
  • Request Tuesday available after 4.00pm on Friday
  • Request Wednesday available after 4.00pm on Monday
  • Request Thursday available after 4.00pm on Tuesday
  • Request Friday available after 4.00pm on Wednesday

Please be aware that Patient Access is not available for patients under 16 years of age.

If your request is not on your repeat list

If you have not had the prescription for a long time, for example, several years, please make an appointment rather than just requesting the medication(s).

If you have had the prescription recently, please allow up to five working days for the request to be completed .Please note that this is at the Doctor’s discretion and you may be asked to make an appointment before the medication can be issued. It may help if you write a brief note to the doctor explaining why you need the medication.