Self Care

Use the tools below to find out how to manage your condition yourself.

Online Consult

Consult with your GP online – Find out more at

Free NHS Health Check

NHS Health Checks are being offered to people aged between 40 and 74 once every five years.  The check is to assess your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, kidney disease or diabetes. If there are any warning signs, then together we can do something about it.  By taking early action, you can improve your health and prevent the onset of these conditions. There is good evidence for this.  This check should take about 20 minutes and is based on straightforward questions and measurements such as age, sex, family history, height, weight and blood pressure. There will also be a simple blood test to measure your cholesterol level.  Following this check, you will receive free personalised advice about what you can do to stay healthy.

Please make an appointment with a healthcare assistant if you would like an NHS Health Check.  You will need to have a non-fasting blood test up to 1 week before your appointment. This blood test form can be collected from the Surgery.

Patient UK

Patient UK provides excellent guidance on all conditions and procedures and is a reliable and safe source of information.

Advice Sheets for Children

Read the following advice sheets for children under 5.

Self Care Fact Sheets for Common Ailments

Find information on a range of illnesses and other health-related issues from seeing and hearing people’s real life experiences.

Thousands of people have shared their experiences on film to help others understand what it’s really like to have a health condition such as breast cancer or arthritis. Find out more…

Children and Teens

  • Health for Kids is a fantastic website which provides a wealth of health information for children between the ages of 4 and 11. There are exciting activities for parents, carers and teachers to enjoy with children as well as advice to support their development and much more.
  • Health for Teens is aimed at young people between the ages of 11 and 19 and includes signposting to health and support services within Hertfordshire. It provides local health updates, events and information and the contact details of all School Nursing teams across the county.

Community Navigator

St. Albans now has a Community Navigator, Alan Gonzalez.  If you or somebody you know needs extra help at home with the following please email

  • How to have a healthy lifestyle and stay physically fit
  • Emotional support and someone to talk to
  • Advice about money matters or benefits
  • Groups and activities to join if they are isolated
  • Help to feel safe at home
  • Help to keep warm or stay cool at home
  • Help to stay independent
  • Support for a carer (i.e. carer break etc.)
  • Support with children’s issues
  • Help to explain a problem or for them to have their say
  • Other issues or general information & advice

For more information call 0300 123 4044 or visit the Carers in Herts website.

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