Mental Health

If you are registered with a GP in Hertfordshire and are over 16 and feel that you would benefit from counselling there is a method to self refer to be able to speak to someone who can help you with any difficulties you may be experiencing.

For more information:

New Leaf Wellbeing College

The New Leaf Wellbeing College is funded by health and offers free educational courses that help you to take better control of your wellbeing and learn some practical skills.

We believe people are expert in their own wellbeing. The college is based on the belief of individual strength, co-production and self-management. Co-production makes sure people with lived experience are equal partners in the college, and support course development and delivery.

College principles

  • Partnership and co-production
  • Educational not therapeutic
  • Strengths-based and person-centred
  • For everyone – people with health challenges, their relatives / carers and staff
  • Helps people identify and reach their own goals.

Diversity and inclusion

New Leaf Wellbeing College offers education to all the varied communities in Hertfordshire. We actively promote access to the college for all. This means taking positive action to support everyone to benefit from the opportunities the college can provide. People with a lived experience have helped to design and deliver our courses.

We need your help

We are asking everyone who may be involved in the college for their help. Making sure we develop and run courses that people will find helpful is very important. Please could you answer the short survey – we appreciate your help. Find out more…