Diabetes is a long-term condition caused by too much glucose (sugar) in the blood, and for many people it is strongly linked to being overweight (Type 2 diabetes). However, a smaller number of people have diabetes due to their body producing antibodies against their insulin producing cells (Type 1 diabetes).

Diabetes is very common and increasing numbers of people are being diagnosed with this condition. With the right medical and lifestyle care, it is possible to stay healthy and live comfortably with this condition. For most people with Type 2 diabetes, a combination of lifestyle changes is all that is needed.

Our surgery offers dedicated diabetic clinics that are run by some of our nurses and doctors who have a special interest in this condition.  However, all our doctors are very familiar with this common condition and are fully able to discuss the management of diabetes with you.

We can share with specialist diabetes teams in the community as well as hospital consultants, especially in more complex cases, however, we remain primarily responsible for your care.

We expect all our diabetic patients to attend our specialist clinic here at the surgery for an extended diabetic review and health check every year. This is an excellent and valuable opportunity to check that you are on the best possible treatment and to try and detect any early signs of complications arising. It also ensures safe prescribing of medicines and even if you are being seen by a specialist, we usually want to see you at least once a year.

At other times in the year, you may also need to come back to see our doctors and nurses for fine tuning of your diabetes.

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