Hypertension is the same as High Blood Pressure.

This condition occurs when the blood pressure in your circulation becomes too high, putting a strain on the vital organs such as the brain, the heart and the kidneys.

High blood pressure often causes no symptoms, or immediate problems, but it is a major risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease (conditions that affect the functioning of the heart and the circulation of blood around the body). Examples of conditions that result from cardiovascular disease are strokes, heart attacks and kidney damage.

Treating high blood pressure with a combination of lifestyle changes and medication can lower the blood pressure, and can reduce the long term risks of cardiovascular disease.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, we advise regular follow-up appointments at the surgery with our doctors and nurses.

Once your blood pressure is adequately controlled on treatment, you will need less regular reviews.

We also have a blood pressure machine in reception, so please feel free to pop in when you are out shopping or passing by and check your blood pressure.

Self management of your blood pressure may reduce the frequency of your visits to the surgery for this condition. Please ask your doctor for further details about this when you next see them.

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